October 4, 2017: What to Know 

  • Bingo Barnes
  • President Trump visits Las Vegas today, less than 72 hours after Stephen Paddock fatally gunned down 58 people and injured hundreds of others before turning the gun on himself. On Tuesday, Las Vegas investigators reported that Paddock had crafted a so-called "bump stock," a device that enables a gun to fire hundreds of rounds per minute, not unlike an automatic weapon. Trump said Tuesday, "We will be talking about gun laws as time goes by," but The New York Times reports the shooting appears to have done little to change the gun debate in the nation's capital.
  • Congressman Tim Murphy (R-Pennsylvania) will tell anybody who will listen that he's adamantly anti-abortion. But The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Rep. Murphy asked a woman with whom he was having an affair to undergo an abortion. The 65-year-old Murphy, married with an adult daughter, has confirmed the affair, but had no comment or response to the Post-Gazette article. Just yesterday, Murphy voted to support legislation that would make it a crime to perform an abortion after 20 weeks of fetal development.

  • Idaho health officials confirmed
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    the first fatality linked to a flu-related illness this season. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare said in addition to the death of a northern Idaho man, there have been early reports of flu activity from other parts of the state. 

    “This underscores how important it is for all of us to take precautions now to avoid influenza infections. In addition to washing your hands and staying home if you are sick, visit your health care provider, local public health district, or pharmacy to get vaccinated as soon as possible," said Dr. Leslie Tengelson, IDHW influenza surveillance coordinator.

    During the last flu season, 72 people were reported to have died from flu-related illnesses in Idaho.
  • Baseball's postseason began Tuesday night with the New York Yankees beating the Minnesota Twins 8-4 in a one-and-done American League wild-card game, advancing the Yankees to the AL Division Series against the Cleveland Indians. The Colorado Rockies are at the Arizona Diamondbacks this afternoon in another one-and-done National League wild-card game.

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  • Business Insider is reporting that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a members-only emergency meeting last week, only the second time in its 90-year history. The topic? Netflix.  Academy members are perplexed what to do about the growing influence of Netflix and whether they need to change or loosen the rules to make Netflix films eligible for Oscars. Thus far, the Academy much prefers Amazon, which releases its feature films to theaters, then to DVD, and ultimately to the Amazon streaming platform. But Netflix will only release a handful of movies to one or two theaters in New York City or Los Angeles and then immediately launch the film on its streaming service. Additionally, the Motion Picture Academy needs to distinguish how it will recognize Netflix productions, which already win a lot of Emmy Awards from the Television Academy because it sees Netflix more as a TV producer.

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