October 6-12 2004 


Dan Rather depended on forged documents in his report about Bush's National Guard service.

Bush depended on forged documents, about uranium from Niger to take us to thousands of deaths and total chaos in Iraq.

Who should get fired?

--Dorothy Smith



John Kerry was clearly the winner of the first presidential debate. While watching the debate I felt very sad that our country is in the situation that it is. Our President, the person who is supposed to be our ultimate role model, was faced point blank with numerous failings, misjudgments and bad decisions, and he failed to answer for them. He sidestepped the questions. What kind of message is that for our children?

Kerry avoided calling Mr. Bush a liar directly, but it is hard to come up with any other way of putting it. We were mislead into Iraq. There are so many substantive facts that it is hard to believe that some people still feel invading Iraq was the right decision. Sure, Saddam was a terrible tyrant. But he did not attack us on 9/11, Osama bin Laden did and we are not even focusing on him now. We attacked Iraq unprovoked and are now trying to justify it. What kind of message is that?

Mr. Bush has destroyed the reputation of the United States as a fair and just country in the eyes of the world through his decision for preemptive war. I feel sad to know that George W. Bush is the role model that millions of American children think they should look up to. I only hope they were able to see Bush attempt to hold up to the scrutiny he got in the debate and grimace with the well-deserved accusations he received.

The Bush administration's war in Iraq has already cost many thousands of lives and over $120 billion financed from our children's future that could have been used to make our education system better, our economy stronger, our environment healthier, and our world a better place. Instead Halliburton's profits will be healthier than usual.

When Bush was faced with these bad decisions during the debate, he squirmed and smirked, played back his stale message and provided more shallow promises. He sidestepped the questions repeatedly. While this has been his approach in explaining his military service record or how the economy is doing, in the past he has not been held accountable on camera in the way John Kerry did during the debate. Bush had nowhere to hide and it was clear by his responses that he couldn't answer for his mistakes.

While I think John Kerry is the best person to lead our country out of the mess it is now in, George W. Bush is the one that got us into it and nearly anyone else would be a better choice for our next President.

--Scot McGavin



In the opening presidential debate, George Bush reinforced every reason we have to vote against him this November.

John Kerry made statements that were honest, straightforward, heartfelt, intelligent and genuine. Meanwhile, Bush's comments were misleading, vague, presumptuous, unintelligent and sometimes hostile.

Constantly, Bush has justified the war in Iraq in terms of self-defense. He attempted to do the same in his first debate with Kerry. When Bush explained our presence in Iraq by saying "the enemy attacked us," Kerry pointedly reminded Bush that al-Qaeda attacked us, not Iraq. The 9/11 Commission has determined that no link existed between Saddam and 9/11. But still Bush insinuates the contrary. Congrats to Kerry for publicly countering this egregious excuse for a war that has become a bloodbath and a quagmire.

--Matthew Yocum


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