October 6-12 2004 

Rising Lion

A-Weem-A-Way. The lion sleeps no more. These days the lion is awake, and his fierce roar sounds more like dancehall reggae than doo-wop. Who could sleep through Rising Lion's soul-lifting music? The guy's reputation for delivering roots-infused good vibes is rock solid thanks to 10 years of touring and two full-length albums, New Day and Don't Lose Yourself. My prediction: His cuss word-free messages of love and hope are going to catch on, challenging current skanky, dance music.

Wednesday, October 6, 9 p.m., $2, The Bouquet.

The Prids

Some nights when I lie in bed and look up at the stars, I wish I had The Prids playing as the soundtrack to my evening. But mostly I wish I had a ceiling. The Portland via Nebraska-based electro-wave group is bringing their dreamy, somber bass-n-synth style in support of their new 7" Shadow and Shadow, the follow up to their full-length disc Love Zero. The Prids serve up a sound oft compared to bands like Joy Division and The Smiths for their "it's good to be sad" whimsy. Note to concertgoers: wear messy eyeliner.

Wednesday, October 6, 9 p.m., $5, Neurolux.

Kyle and Wingo

What, you weren't picked for American Idol? And you didn't even make it on the bad singers reel? Bummer, but now you have another chance to hobnob with superstars. "Where the party at?" you ask. China Blue, of course. So raise your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care because oh-so-smooth R&B vocalists Kyle and Wingo of Jagged Edge will be dancing, mingling and signing autographs. If you do care, this is where you "Gotta Be."

Thursday, October 7, 9 p.m., $15, China Blue.

Miss Amelia's Whiskey

Here ye, here ye: An invitation extended to the kingdom by Jagermeister and Red Hook requests your presence at Rocktoberfest. They are thy sponsors and they shall unveil their new seasonal brew 'neath the soundings of Miss Amelia's Whiskey, a local metal act likely on their way to major radio play.

Friday, October 8, 10:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m., $3, The Bouquet.


I remember reaching for the radio dial with frantic embarrassment in my dad's car when the Escape Club's "Gimme gimme wild west, gimme gimme safe sex" came pumping through. I can't even hear the word "sex" in front of pa, let alone utter it. So I sympathize with kids who have to ask their parents to buy them a CD by Orgy. Or worse, the kids that download MP3s and have parents shriek about porn on the Internet when they see it on the desktop. You'd think kids' chagrin would inhibit Orgy's record sales, but it hasn't. They heed the words of Orgy: "The best rock is utterly savage, unabashedly stylish and entirely guilt free." Apparently, that's how the L.A.-based death-pop quintet views their new salvo Punk Statik Paranoia, which boasts the danceable single "The Obvious."

Saturday, October 9, 8 p.m., $19.50, Big Easy.


Time once again to celebrate monsters of rock. Now we venerate Queensryche, a once all-out metal-turned-art-rock outfit, best known for their 1990 album Empire that bore the power ballad "Silent Lucidity." This two-set tour opens with a greatest hits routine but will also debut some songs from a new album tentatively titled Operation: mindcrime II. This album is the follow up to their legendary album Operation: mindcrime, which they'll reenact as the second set with onstage actors performing the story and maybe answering the question, "Who killed Sister Mary?" Nah, they'll get to that on the album scheduled for release in 2005.

Sunday, October 10, 7:30 p.m., $29.50, Big Easy.


If you had plans to see Tony Rice and Peter Rowan in concert on Tuesday, October 12 at the Egyptian Theater, you're outta luck. The show is no more.

Tune In

In New York last week, I hit a CD release party for Inouk, a catchy, ethereal quintet that's hard to cubbyhole, but really delightful. They smoke with precision, complexity and lightweight melodies that made me bop in mesmerization and forget I had a drink in hand. Red wine drizzles are proof. Their album No Danger dropped in August. An added plus: Everyone in the band has the coolest hair I've ever seen, even the bald guy. :

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