Of Thee I Sing: Political Music Videos, From Busta Rhymes to Toby Keith to Nicki Manaj 

What's a political campaign without some music?

What's a political campaign without some music to go along with it. As we head into the final weekend ahead of the US presidential election, here are some top political music videos from this campaign season and seasons past.

1. Devo - Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed) (2012)

Memorable Lines - "Your master's story seems air-tight/But somethin' about him isn't right/He'll say anything to win the race/Wish you could rise up from your grave/And tell the world/How his smile hides/The soul of an angry little man"

2. Hank Williams Jr. - Taking Back the Country (2012)

Memorable Lines - "Well it used to be easy, get a place, build a house/Now the EPA said no, that’s the home of the blue mouse/Don’t tread on me, don’t you tread on me"

3. Young Jeezy - My President (2009)

Memorable Lines - "My president is black, rolls golden charms/Twenty-two inch rims like Hulk Hogan's arms"

4. Joan Baez - We Can't Make it Here Anymore (2012)

Memorable Lines - "Will work for food/Will die for oil/Will kill for power and to us the spoils/The billionaires get to pay less tax/The working poor get to fall through the cracks"

5. Jadakiss feat. Common, Nas, Styles P - Why (Remix) (2004)

Memorable Lines (prophecy?!) - "Why is Bush actin like he trying to get Osama? Why don’t we impeach him and elect Obama?"

6. Toby Keith - Made in America (2011)

Memorable Lines - "Born in the heartland, raised up a family of King James and Uncle Sam"

7. Cocoa Tea - Barack Obama (2008)

Memorable Lines - "Well, this is not about class, nor color, race, nor creed. Make no mistake it’s the changes"

8. William Tapley a.k.a. The Third Eagle of the Apocolypse - Early in November (2012)

Memorable Lines: All of his videos. Really, they're amazing. Thirdeaglebooks.

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Best celebrity Obama fan -

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