Oh ... There You Are 

When Vicente Machien-Mireles scaled a razor-wire fence and escaped from Payette County lockdown on May 22, he appeared primed for a long and desperate journey. County sheriff Chad Huff told newsies at the time that the fugitive had mentioned in letters and conversations that he planned to return to his native Mexico—which would be about 950 miles if Machien-Mireles hitchhiked or hid in the back of a chicken truck; perhaps a little less if he made his prison uniform into a hang glider or stole an un-watched hot-air balloon. As it turns out, the fugitive might as well have just taken a skateboard, because he only made it as far as Fruitland—which is about 6 miles, give or take—over eight days before a tip led police to the residence where he was hiding.

Then again, maybe Machien-Mireles' travel plans weren't all for naught. Though he still sits in Payette County, federal immigration authorities have also recently placed a hold on him.

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