Oh, The Things You Say! 

BOB 2007: Weird answers to normal questions

Look, we needed a simple answer from you people, and you give us this?

Maybe it's the result of going all-online in our polling this year. We always get a few doozies. But thanks, Web-enabled funnypeople, for these gems:

Best local women's clothes:

"I am not a cross-dresser."

Best Local Strip Club:

"Again, read a book."

"Can we please refrain from calling them strip clubs when more is bared on a hot day floating the river?"

"Gross. None of them."

"Jesus Saves!"

"My bedroom." [Editor's note: Ha.]

"Yikes, the wife would shoot me if I went to one of those places."

Best Local Karaoke:

"Gag me with a microphone."

"I know people do this, but seriously."

"Never been that drunk."

"The Corner Bar in Yellowpine (not local, but cool)."

Best Local Vegetarian Food:


"If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat."

Best Sushi:

"Raw fish in August ... bleah."

"Another type of ethnic food that needs to be improved."

"HP Tech Support."

Best Local Steak:

"The one you didn't eat."

Best Local TV Anchor:

"None of those foolish talking heads."

"They all suck."

"TV anchors are the spawn of Satan."

Best Local Bike Shop:

"Hate bikes and bikers. Build some damn bike lanes!"

"They all suck. No BMX specialty shop."

Best Golf Course:

"Golf courses are water sucking monsters."

"Golf is a waste of a perfectly good cross-country course."

"Golf is bad for the planet."

Best Bartender:

"If you drink enough to know your bartender, ugh."

—Shea Andersen

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