On the Fence 

Dear Minerva,

The recent comments made on Twitter by Randa Jarrar regarding the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush have caused some contention in the ranks of my friend group. We think of ourselves as a pack of hip, educated, feminist people. Some members of the group feel Randa Jarrar is justified in her comments. Others are outraged. What do you think of the whole thing?


On the Fence

Dear OTF,

Normally, Randa Jarrar is the type of woman that I would like as a person. Vocal. Motivated. Involved. Her own experiences being born in the USA and being raised in the Middle East have influenced her stance on politics and the world. Barbara Bush was a beloved First Lady but no one is perfect. What is off-putting to me is that Ms. Jarrar would take the low road. In times of death and mourning, to respond with anything less than compassion at the loss of a human life is tacky. She showed a lack of grace and empathy. What is worse is that she then directed the offended and outraged people who saw her inconsiderate tweets to a crisis hotline. This kind of reckless behavior could have had dire consequences to someone in crisis. My conclusion is that Ms. Jarrar is seeking attention without regard to the cost or inconvenience to others. There is a time and place for everything. She has proven that despite all of her education, tact and kindness are not part of her skill set.

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