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Election coverage galore

This week Boise Weekly hits the campaign trail with a slate of coverage ahead of the Tuesday, Nov. 4, election.

First, there is BW News Editor George Prentice's profile of the unusually tense contest for seats on the Ada County Highway District Commission, followed by dueling Citizen interviews with Idaho Treasurer Ron Crane and his challenger, Deborah Silver, who had some hard words for the incumbent. Staff writer Jessica Murri takes a look at the part women are playing in Idaho politics, both in the halls of power and behind the scenes, where they are taking a central role in several high-profile campaigns.

Finally, inserted in this week's BW is the fall 2014 edition of The Blue Review, published in collaboration with the Boise State University College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs and Boise Weekly. In keeping with the political theme, TBR marshals the talents of Boise State faculty members and other academics to tackle facets of the election season ranging from the influence of the Tea Party to marijuana legislation and the science of campaign rhetoric. Perhaps most interesting is a series of short profiles with a range of Idaho political players, probing why and when they became politically active.

click to enlarge ZACH HAGADONE
  • Zach Hagadone

My own moment of politicization came in third grade, when I was the only kid to cast a ballot for Michael Dukakis.

But speaking of winners (ouch, sorry Mike), we want to give some props to those who attended the BW Cover Auction on Oct. 16. Our 13th annual auction netted $22,589, with 30 percent of proceeds from covers dated Jan. 1-Sept. 17 going to artists and the remainder benefiting BW's artist grants, as well as supporting the BW Watchdogs investigative journalism fund. See a slideshow of the event at boiseweekly.com/blogs/cobweb.

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