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Do you ever wonder, "What was I doing on this very day last year?"

Well, here's your chance to find out--if you're writerly and disciplined, that is. The One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, from Chronicle Books LLC, actually gives you five lines per day, every day, for five years to record the ups and downs of daily life. Every page is labeled with a date, like Jan. 15, and contains five separate sections and a place to write in the year on each.

What better way is there to see if that hasty marriage lasted, to track the progress of your lifelong dreams, or to find out if you were able to handle that alcohol problem all by yourself? How fun would it be to look back a year ago, or two or three or four, and think, "Man, I can't believe I was so worried about eating gluten in 2014"; or "Hey, good thing nothing ever came of that whole 'global warming' thing"; or "Hah! Gay marriage was illegal once?"

You can find this little gold leaf book--complete with a ribbon to keep your place--at the Flying M gift shop or Barnes and Noble for $16.95. You've only missed the first 15 entries of the year so far.

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