The skateboard of the 21st Century.

The OneWheel is the skateboard for the 21st century. Instead of four wheels, there is one center wheel fitted on a gyroscope to help with balance, and the controls are intuitive: lean forward and the OneWheel accelerates; lean back and it slows down. It has a top speed of 12 miles per hour, and its 2-horsepower, 500-watt transverse flux hub motor can propel a rider up modest hills and even over rough terrain.

Early reviewers at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show worried that the prototype's balance-assist gyroscope was ineffective. A year later, with the engineering wrinkles ironed out, they've reversed their opinions: OneWheel features greater stability with a set of solid-state internal sensors and tuned algorithms while offering greater control through an Android application that helps users toggle maximum speed and other settings to customize their ride. OneWheel's lithium iron phosphate battery lasts for four to six miles and recharges in under an hour with its included charger.

This time last year, Future Motion, Inc., makers of the OneWheel, launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than six times its goal to bring designer Kyle Doerksen's concept into production.

It's pretty pricey at $1,500, but if looking (a little) like Marty McFly cruising around downtown is your thing, the OneWheel is your gadget.

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