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I don't know about you, but the past week or so has felt a little like being dragged through a knot hole. We had Bernie Sanders in town on March 21, followed by the insanely huge Idaho Democratic caucuses on March 22. Before we could catch our breath, on March 23, Treefort Music Fest 2016 kicked off its five-day takeover of downtown Boise. Some of our reporters barely made it out alive, but we still had to contend with the waning days of the 2016 session of the Idaho Legislature, which signed off for the year on March 25.

As if all that wasn't enough, Boise Weekly was deadlining on its annual Bar and Restaurant Guide, which we sent to the printers with a sigh of relief before collapsing into the weekend. You'll see the BRG, in all its glossy glory, inserted into the April 6 edition of BW.

After a week like that, it feels good to look forward to spring, when the livin' becomes a little easier.

In this week's paper, we take a look at a proposal from the city of Boise that might make some local gardeners' lives easier. In 2014, BW reported on the massive amounts of edible food that end up in the Ada County Landfill. Now, the city is considering launching a curbside collection program for organic waste, which would be trucked off to an as-yet-unconstructed composting facility. The resulting fertilizer would then be offered—gratis—to residents who participate in the program.

In another nod to the season we're featuring a piece from Dr. Roberta T. Axidea, formerly of Boise State University, examining the historical origins and cultural impact of April Fools' Day, which this year lands on Friday. Beyond recounting the genesis of the tricksy day, Axidea also reveals some surprising ways April Fools has shaped Idaho.

Finally, as the weather (supposedly) turns warmer and Boiseans start casting their eyes to the foothills, one group of users is asking planners to take their physical limitations into consideration when managing trails. Get the who, what, when, where, how and why.

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