Orua: Experimental Sound From Brazil to Boise 

Brazilian band Orua put its shows on hiatus and playing with Doug Martsch as Built to Spill

click to enlarge Orua, a Brazilian band, has spent plenty of time in Boise, as the members back Doug Martsch as Built to Spill.

Marcello Mirrela

Orua, a Brazilian band, has spent plenty of time in Boise, as the members back Doug Martsch as Built to Spill.

Brazilian band Orua put its shows on hiatus and played with Doug Martsch as Built to Spill. However, it's playing an album release show with Clarke and the Himselfs as Oruara (with guest members), on Friday, Oct. 18, at Neurolux.

Creator Le Almeida and current players Phill Fernandes and Joao Luiz make up the trio, which plays a mix of many genres, resulting in a distinctive sound. A busy musician in Brazil, In an interview with Boise Weekly via email, Almeida discussed his music, his connection to BTS and why he's excited to play the upcoming show with C&TH.

"We saw her play a Jay Reatard song that I really like and we invited her to play this track together at the Orua show and it was a fun time for us," he said.

BW: What do you think about music categorization? What sound you are creating?

LA: Labels in general are not something imposed by [people] who make music, but something that ends up being more important to those who listen. What we do is very influenced by American indie rock and Brazilian music, especially the vocals and with a more confused and experimental arrangement. I don't see only one genre in what we do. Maybe all the ones you cited are perfect. What I feel in the U.S. is that our music is at least a bit strange for those who listen to it for the first time, and this is interesting and exciting.

BW: What does "Orua" mean?

LA: The name came from a word I misunderstood at a Lee Ranaldo concert. It was something he sang and I thought sounded interesting. I wrote it down and then told a friend. He told me he had a cousin named Orua. I took it as a sign and decided to use the name.

BW: Can you tell me a little bit about your record label, Transfusao Noise Records?

LA: Transfusao Noise Records is the record label I created more than 15 years ago to release albums of bands that I played in and friends, over time we have been releasing other bands not so close and we have also been expanding our recording methods. Nowadays we have a studio where we recorded our records, a space where we promote shows and Transfusao started operating as it was in the beginning releasing only records of our bands and people very close, being a family in sound.

BW: How did you and Built to Spill meet, and how did you playing together come about?

LA: Doug had heard some of my music and liked it. When BTS came to Brazil for the first time he got in touch and eventually invited me to play in four shows, one of them outside Brazil, in Chile. It was amazing, the first time I left the country.

BW: What other projects do you have coming up?

LA: We have a new Orua album ready. It was recorded as a split album with another band from Rio de Janeiro called Kartas. It was recorded in two sessions at their studio outside the city. We have also started working on the new Oruara record (which is a more experimental extension of Orua). Besides this, the new Carpete Florido record is ready (a band of a very close friend which will be our labels next release) and we are finishing the new Gaax record (another band of a very close friend).


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