Sometimes, work seems a lot less like work when you look at it through beer goggles--even when your job is to keep your eye out for people wearing beer goggles.

Just ask Sam Slavin, the Lemhi County sheriff who was seen tossing back a few and then driving away in his county cruiser on December 28. Slavin, as you may remember (BW, True Crime, "Membership Has Its Privileges," July 6, 2005), was arrested in Boise last March for drunkenly steering his car the wrong way down Capital Boulevard while in town for a law enforcement conference. He narrowly avoided being recalled in his home county for the incident, but after Slavin was spotted toasting to the 15th day of Christmas, he looked to be in hot water again. Lemhi Prosecutor Paul Withers asked the Idaho Attorney General's Office to look into the accusation, and according to a release last week, the AG's office replied they wanted nothing to do with Slavin.

"Our prosecutorial review of the facts contained in the investigation has led us to the conclusion that, while the Sheriff's conduct on the date of the incident was inappropriate for a peace officer, there is insufficient evidence to support and prove criminal charges against Mr. Slavin based upon this incident," wrote AG Criminal Law Division Chief Steven A. Bywater in a letter to Withers.

And there you have it: All the fun of drinking, without the embarrassing hangover of public accountability.

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