Other GPS Games YOU Can Play 

The sport of geocaching already has many variations. Here are just a few:

Geodashing is about visiting dashpoints, randomly selected longitude and latitude locations on the earth's surface which people locate using their GPS devices. Players then log what they find on http://geodashing.gpsgames.org, sometimes with photos of what is there. The game is kept fresh by moving to new locations on the first of every month. But while the game is gaining in popularity, there still aren't very many people playing it. According to one article on todayscacher.com, the most visited geodashpoint ever only had six logged visitors for the month it was active. Many geodash points never see a soul. The randomness of where the geodash points fall makes this game fun for players and many geodashers claim that they have a knack for falling in interesting spots. For December, according to Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint (www.brillig.com/geocaching), there are currently four geodash points in the "Boise Region," which stretches from Lake Cascade to just south of the Idaho State Penitentiary south of the Boise Airport. Visit http://geodashing.gpsgames.org/ for more information about geodashing.

Benchmarking involves finding and documenting governmental survey markers placed by the National Geodetic Survey used to pinpoint landmarks like the tops of mountains or the corners of community parks. These markers aid in land surveying, civil engineering and mapping. While most are documented, some can be hard to find. On geocaching.com you can log when you find one. Many benchmarks have not been officially logged as found so the adventure of discovery could be yours for the taking.

Shutterspot is another GPS game where the first visitor to a site logs the GPS location and takes a picture. The game is to identify the exact location and replicate the photo.

Minute War is a virtual game of capture the flag using the entire world as the battleground. Everyone competes locally in their area but uses the same square grid divided into minutes. The first to capture the flag by visiting their square's location wins.

Learn about other GPS games and variations on the above ones at www.gpsgames.com.

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