Otto's Adventures in Fruitland 

Precious few things that are funny in the cartoon world retain their humor when acted out in the real-ish world. There are some exceptions to this rule--mostly revolving around people with wacky foreign accents and rabbits dressed up in low-cut evening gowns--but unfortunately, it does not extend into the world of bus driving. When Otto on The Simpsons risks the lives of schoolchildren, it's pants-misting-grade hilarity. When some careless three-dimensional entity in western Idaho does it, it's news.

Dateline: Fruitland. Last Tuesday, a driver deposited a load of preschoolers at Fruitland Elementary at 12:30 p.m. One four-year-old was missing. Police were notified and began a search around the area, finding the child 15 minutes later, asleep in the bus, which was by that time parked and locked on a side street.

"She was safe and unharmed," Fruitland Police Lieutenant Stephanie Steele told the Argus Observer. "She woke up when the officers entered the bus."

A day later, a school resource officer witnessed the same bus driver taking a hard right turn with Old Banana (or whatever the bus's name was), and run the rear right tire over one of Fruitland's many attractive irrigation boxes. As this particular box was topped by an extra-attractive piece of plywood, the tire fell through and the bus got temporarily stuck, and wait, wait... Correction, both of those examples are funny. Especially if you imagine that the first kid is a rabbit in an evening gown, and the children on the second bus are screaming like the kids on the bus on The Simpsons.

Fruitland Police have referred the first incident to the Payette County prosecuting attorney's office. The school district has not commented on any disciplinary action against the driver.

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