Party Girl Pitches Fit, Lands Behind Bars 

Monday night. A few drinks with a few friends at a neighborhood watering hole. Maybe some pigskin patter on the widescreen TVs. Not a bad way to ease back into your work week.

Unless a few drinks turn into a few too many.

Such was evidently the case for a Meridian woman on Dec. 1. At about 10:15 that night, Boise Police were alerted to a drunken fool fighting and yelling at people on the 1100 block of North Curtis Road. Officers arriving on the scene shortly thereafter had no trouble locating the suspect, who appeared to be very intoxicated, according to BPD reports. They tried to calm her down.

And just about then, a cab arrived to take the feisty femme fatale home. The cops were only too happy to let the matter drop right then and there.

But no. The woman demanded that one of the police officers open the cab door for her. Not being stupid, the cop declined to turn his back on the pugnacious party girl. Which must have pissed her off, because she allegedly proceeded to attack the officer.

And so, rather than ending her Monday with just the prospect of a Tuesday-morning hangover and some humiliating memories, our 40-year-old heroine was treated to a stay at the Barrister Charm School of Last Resort. Her parting gifts: a felony charge of battery on a police officer, along with a public-intoxication misdemeanor.

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