Party Rats 

With rats shooting lasers at your fingertips, who needs friends?

Novelty toy company Archie McPhee sells Party Rats—multicolored finger lasers inexplicably shaped like rats—to keep fingers cozy and free from the Bubonic Plague.

The company claims Party Rats are "the best thing to happen to partying since the mirror ball." They are sold in packages of five, which feature 1.75-inch colored rats that secure to your fingers with elastic bands and spew beams of light from their tiny mouths.

The package claims Party Rats are "perfect for night blogging. (Every blogger's dream? To have rats strapped to their fingers while laser beams bounce off the computer screen.) also encourages consumers to use Party Rats for school or work presentations, insisting, "You'll be sure to have everyone's attention."

Japanese singer Yui Kameoka even wrote a fan song for Party Rats. Roughly translated, Kameoka sings: "Party Rat / Won't you take up residence on my finger / Light the way for me to dance / It is dark in my heart except for the rat."

In addition to its utility in the school, work and night blogging departments, Party Rats are ideal for dance parties. As so artfully explains: "The beats are pumping, the bass is throbbing, and there you are 'throwing shapes in the church of dance' with bright little rats on each of your fingers."

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