Paul Tillotson at Lock, Stock & Barrel 

Last week, we reminded you that Paul Tillotson's annual Christmas-time performances are fast approaching. We're reminding you again because we don't want to hear you complaining, "Wah, I missed the Paul Tillotson Trio." If you like jazz and miss this show, you will complain.

In 1986, when Tillotson was barely old enough to drink, the master purveyor of the piano started playing a weekly gig at Lock Stock & Barrel. His fondest memories of those times were when Gene and Janie Harris would come down and listen. Even via e-mail, Tillotson's excitement is evident when he reminisces about sitting at the piano with Gene and the two of them playing "four-hands piano together. Incredible!"

Other than a couple of years when Tillotson moved away, tickling the ivories in Boise twice a year became a tradition. Few people can say they've been doing the same thing for more than two decades, but Tillotson can.

"If you do the math (forgetting about a couple years we weren't around), it's been something like 23 years," he wrote in an e-mail to Boise Weekly.

Tillotson explained that the support from the great crew at the LS&B and Dunkley Music--who loan Tillotson a piano--go a long way in making the decision to return each year an easy one. That, and the fans.

"We have kept the fun going for a long time," Tillotson wrote. "We do it each year because our fans keep coming out to support the music. We really have a genuinely clean, musical, fun time with all the people who come out for the gig. It ain't nothin' but a party!"

Tuesday, Dec. 8-Saturday, Dec. 12, 8 p.m., FREE, Lock Stock & Barrel, 1100 W. Jefferson St., 208-336-4266,

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