Penance for Penis 


My boyfriend and I moved in together after a year of dating. His kids and my kids get along well, however, one of his kids stirs up issues with his ex-wife. I adore this man - he's thoughtful, funny, and can keep up with me in bed like no man before him. However, I feel like I'm the hostage of a woman I don't even know. Their daughter overheard us talking about something that happened between him and her - which I admit wasn't his daughter's business - but was factual. His daughter took the information back to her mother. Now she's demanding an apology and within a certain time frame, while casting aspersions on me. If I'd known she was listening, I would never have said anything. Is this criticism and the accompanying demands from his ex the trade off for good sex?

-Sincerely, Penance for Penis


I wish I could just say, "Yes girl! Get that good 'D,' no matter the cost," but I can't. Alas, an ex trying to run the show from the sidelines is not a new chapter in the annals of l'amour. I think it is immature and unreasonable for anyone to make demands of another in this situation. Everyone's input should be taken seriously, but no one is the rule of the roost. Every parent has accidentally said something when a child was secretly eavesdropping. It shouldn't be the end of the world, especially if it's true. Hiding the truth from children is far more harmful than facing it. As for apologies, make them, thoughtfully, on your own time, when appropriate.

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