Penance Part Deux 

Dear Minerva,

You helped me before with the pushy ex-wife trying to control me. We've been making some progress but I found out that she has talked openly to her child about my daughters. I've raised three teenagers who are community involved, do well in school, as well as sports. I have raised them to be open-minded humans with respect for others and themselves. They are bright, confident, and responsible. Now my boyfriend's ex doesn't want their daughter around my girls because she said that my girls dress like "sluts" and are trouble (as if shorts in 100 degree temps is an act of treason). Please tell me how to stop the "mama bear" fight I want to have!

—Sincerely, Penance for Penis, Part Deux

Dear P.P.,

Take a deep breath, Mama Bear. In 2018 it's hard to fathom how a woman could bash other women, much less someone's children. You were able to effectively articulate to me the amazing aspects of your daughters, never once referencing their appearance. You're doing something right. May all children grow up to be intelligent, confident, responsible, and able to make their own clothing choices without the acidic, oppressive words of the mediocre-at-best. As someone who doesn't fit the mold myself, sometimes it's best to turn a deaf ear to the ignorance of people who haven't evolved emotionally or intellectually to handle it. Doing this will also teach her that her accusations aren't worthy of dignification. Let her wallow in the gutter. Cheers!

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