Most people older than 25 will wistfully remember the days of huddling in the playground around a handheld LCD video game, listening to the monotone beeps as they craned their necks to see the screen, waiting for their turn. Those nostalgic adults can rediscover their favorites online and fully playable in their web browser thanks to Polish art studio Hipopotam. From the "I remember that!" of Donkey Kong Jr., to the "I don't even know how to pronounce that!" of Nu, Pogodi, there should be at least a couple of games that any child of the '80s would recognize. Children of the modern age, however, will probably glance up from Call of Duty and wonder if it has Xbox Achievements.

The games are simple, it's true, and the monochrome LCD images look pretty laughable next to modern 1080p polygons (or even a budget smartphone), but they remain eminently playable. Entire lunchtimes can still be lost trying to get to level 10 on Sub Attack. Office arguments end up settled over a couple of games of Parachute. Online score tables bring back the "yeah, just one more go, I can beat it this time" aesthetic that are lost on most modern games.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to try and top the all-time high score of 55,350 on Zelda.

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