Pickens Arrested for The Big One 

If you perused the Ada County Sheriff's office online arrest log over Thanksgiving weekend, you:

1. Need to work on your social skills. Why don't you go in the other room and talk to your family?

2. Didn't find many titillating charges--from a journalistic perspective--and barely enough familiar faces to have warranted the visit ... at least at first.

DUI, failure to appear, DUI, public intoxication ... wait, what's that? Amidst the slim pickings sat Buck Pickens, 18, of Garden City, right next to a doozy: murder in the first. According to Garden City police, Pickens was arrested for the stabbing death of 77-year-old Arthur Clarkson, a family friend who, according to a flurry of Friday news reports, was also the grandfather of the girl who was about to marry Pickens' brother, 23-year-old David Westley Gloria of Boise. Gloria was also arrested on Friday, for harboring a wanted felon, in connection with Pickens.

Details from the police have been minimal about the arrest so far, but TV news stations aired enough of Clarkson and Pickens' previously private issues over the weekend to pry even the most desperate leftover scavenger away from the Tupperware. On Sunday, November 26, KBCI 2 set the bar with a story titled "The Last Days of Arthur Clarkson," in which Art Swift interviewed Clarkson's nephew, Michael Trent, who dropped a few bombs about the suspected killer. According to Trent, Pickens had eaten Thanksgiving with Clarkson and his family just the day before, and had stated on Friday that he planned to visit Clarkson's home to use the bathroom, not long before the time when the murder is thought to have occurred. Pickens' own water had been turned off, one of several issues the 18-year-old was facing (he had also just found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, Trent said). Clarkson's family members were also quoted several times over the weekend saying they believed Pickens was high on methamphetamine at the time of the murder, and that the incident may have resulted from argument that had been "brewing," in Trent's words, between Clarkson and Pickens.

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