Pie Hole's Potato and Bacon Pizza 

A slice of pizza is sometimes just a slice of pizza. But other times, it's a symbol of something more: post-pubbing hunger, eating on the cheap, even Idaho itself.

Pie Hole downtown (Pie Hole also has locations on Broadway Ave., in Meridian and in Twin Falls) is known as an urban eatery with, low prices and slices the size of your buddy's tribal back tattoo. For the purist, there's always a plain ol' pepperoni pie. For the more adventurous, there's anything from Thai chicken to sausage and brown sugar (Pie Hole management encourages their employees to think outside the box). For that person who digs a little of both, there is always a potato and bacon pizza ready for the eatin'.

It's a simple recipe: thin slices of potato and a generous sprinkling of bacon atop a layer of mozz' under which lies a tangy white alfredo sauce. The potatoes are baked soft and the bacon lives in that sweet spot between crispy and chewy. And a giant slice (they're all giant) will only run you $2.50 with tax.

Pie Hole slices are a little greasy, so snag a paper napkin, give your slice a little dab (be sure to lick off any of the bacon that sticks), fold that New York-style pizza in half and fill your face. Pie Hole bacon and potato pizza: It's as Idahoan as, well, potatoes. And bacon.

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