Pink Pepper Spray Delivers A Pretty Punch 

Sabre Red makes a deceptively sweet-looking defense device

It seems like everything under the sun now comes in the National Breast Cancer Foundation's signature hue. Cat food bowls, sarongs, hair dryers and sporting tape are just of few drops in the tidal wave of pink merchandise that helps support the foundation. Now, you can add to that list Sabre Red's pink pepper spray.

This self-defense device is deceptively sweet looking—the eye-irritating substance is housed in a small .054 ounce bright pink case with a detachable keychain. But don't be fooled—the super-cute key bauble delivers up to 25 super-potent shots at a distance up to 10 feet. It's like those little green wasabi peas you eat absentmindedly, only to have your taste buds accosted by an unexpected onslaught of heat.

Not sure you have pepper spray skills? Visit the manufacturer's website for an informational (and slightly hilarious) how-to video that will make you feel kind of bad for the mannequin with the drawn-on goatee getting blasted in the eyes.

You can pick up your safety device for roughly $10 at Boise Army/Navy, online, or in the checkout line next to the magazines the next time you run to Rite Aid for toothpaste and beer. According to the website, a donation to the NBCF will be made with every purchase.

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