Oh My Tosh 

Daniel Tosh dissects and disseminates Web 2.0 in new Comedy Central series

Stand-up comic Daniel Tosh has always had a weird way of looking at the world. Now, he brings his odd outlook to the already bizarre on his new television series, Tosh.0.

In each episode, Tosh combs through the nit-infested mullet that is the Internet, for clips of viral videos, memes, trends and trainwrecks and the people who have perpetrated them providing his own irreverent commentary as he praises some, condemns others, and offers redemption to select few.

Tosh grew up in Florida and moved to California not to make his big break in show biz, but because he loves to surf.

"If the surf's good, I'm surfing. I try to surf for an hour or two every morning before I come into the office," Tosh said. "My girlfriend is from Hawaii, the only reason that I date her is because of her family's house on the North Shore. I think the only reason she dates me is because I can possibly get her a regular role on television ... It's give and take."

As the topic turned to Tosh.0, Tosh quickly inserted that we should talk about the show before Comedy Central cancels it. Still in its infancy, he doesn't have a lot of breathing room to prove anyone is going to watch it—or that advertisers will buy any air time.

"The only thing I have in my corner is that it is the cheapest show they've put on television before. We have a tiny, tiny little staff that is a handful of my friends on computers every day," Tosh said. "We do a green screen and shoot things kind of guerilla It's very my style of comedy which is ADD, you can't keep my attention for long. It's nice to show a short clip, do some jokes and move on to the next thing." The biggest expenses in putting on the show come from the legal and logistical hoops they have to jump through to track down the cyber stars and use the video on TV.

Though Tosh is quick to poke fun at celebrities, like Ashton Kutcher's Twitter posts of wife Demi's butt in granny panties, Tosh.0 is not a mean-spirited show. Tosh finds regular people, such as the Afro Ninja and the geographically confused Miss Teen USA South Carolina, who have become infamous after videos of their foibles landed on the Web. Tosh's goal with the Web Redemption section of his show, is to find those people and gently prod them through a re-enactment, and opportunity at another shot.

As is many a cable channel's habit, Comedy Central will broadcast and re-broadcast the episodes of Tosh.0. But Tosh asked that we watch it when it originally airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m.

"The only episode they care about and effects the show's longevity is that first show. I tease, but that's the reality of it until they get a system like the Internet where they can tell exactly how many people watched your show instead of some arbitrary rating system that hasn't been useful in 30 years."

Tosh.0 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m . on Comedy Central.

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