PizzaKen and PizzaTom 

Two young, nerdy guys meet at a boardgame night. They discover a shared loved of pizza—specifically, Guido's—and decide to team up, check out as many area pizza places as possible, and post humorous reviews on Yelp and Tumblr. Along the way, they become part of an online social group, gain a following and find, as their passion for pizza continues to grow, so does their friendship—they even wear matching watches, which have a slice of pizza on their faces.

This is not the synopsis for a new sitcom (although it totally could be); it's the real life platonic meet-cute of locals Kenny Katayama and Tom Bowers, aka PizzaKen and PizzaTom.

With Guido's as the "standard bearer," Katayama and Bowers developed a system for their reviews: they pick a new place, order ½ margherita (or ½ pepperoni) and ½ whatever a restaurant's signature pie is—sticking to New York style whenever possible—and rate it on a scale of 1-to-5 slices, weighing price, ambiance and their overall experience along with the quality and flavor of the 'za. In the year and a half since they started, Katayama and Bowers have met about once week, usually coming to consensus and sharing the review writing load.

Katayama and Bowers are two of the brightest, funniest, nicest 20-somethings you'd ever have the pleasure to meet, but they're serious about their reviews and have only handed out a 5-slice to two places: Lulu's Pizza and Front Door (Guido's is too sacred to review).

Katayama and Bowers are proud of what they've done, saying they feel like they've "taken pizza reviews to a new level," and with only a few places left to try, they've almost completed their "personal mission." They plan to end it with a wrap party at (where else?) Guido's, and then think about something else to review.

"Maybe the next time you hear from us, we'll be BurritoKen and TacoTom."

—Amy Atkins,

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