Please pass the tupelo and orange blossom honey, honey • Lagunitas, Puh-leze 

Please pass the tupelo and orange blossom honey, honey

Nampa-based foodies just scored a double for the 2C with the opening of Market Limone in downtown Nampa and the subsequent addition of Chef Andrae Bopp of Andrae's to the staff. So first things, first: Bopp's acceptance of the executive chef position at Market Limone does not mean that Andrae's in downtown Boise is closing. Nor does it mean Bopp will be handing duties over to his sous chef at his eponymous restaurant. After all, it's not called "Andrae's Sous Chef," is it? What is does mean is that Bopp will be a whole heckuva lot busier these days.

Market Limone is one of the most recent additions to Nampa's Belle District, the downtown revitalization project that's focused on providing Nampa's geographically captive audience with a centrally located shopping and entertainment core. Owned and operated by Nampa native Laurel MacKinnon, the market is an upscale retailer, what MacKinnon calls "a specialty local natural food market." Local, organic, gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, vegan ... Market Limone carries products for all of it. In fact, Bopp said it best when he described the store as "right along Trader Joe's or Dean & DeLuca lines." MacKinnon says Market Limone is unique compared to anything she's seen for its "one-stop shopping" feel. Not only does Market Limone carry just about anything Nampa foodies would normally have to run to Boise Co-op to pick up, but, MacKinnon says, the market will offer cooking classes and instructional courses, as well as all the cookware and tools used in the class. Some of the extra cool bennies? Test out a kitchen gadget before you buy it. Choose from one of 11 different coffee blends at the coffee bar. Or—and this one is noteworthy—order a cocktail from the bar and sip while you shop. There's also a wine bar with more than 20 wines by the glass.

As for Bopp's role in the whole deal, the plan is that Bopp will head out to Nampa every morning, where his crew will be busy assembling gourmet hot and cold take-and-eat or take-and-bake items. While there will be a seating area, there is no formal dining service. Then at night, Bopp will scuttle back to Boise (against the traffic both ways, very smart), and fire up the sautee pans for dinner at Andrae's.

Need more? Visit, or get on out to Nampa. Market Limone, 112 13th Ave. South, Nampa, 208-442-1313.

Lagunitas, Puh-leze

It's that beer and food thing again that Front Door puts on and we rave about every time one comes around. Well put on your helmet and pads and prepare for the raving. This time it's a Lagunitas dinner. Yep, hop heads, it's your turn to get to know the brewers behind the beer you love. The only problemo is that these little Front Door beer shindigs are getting a mite bit too big for their own britches. Which means this one is a ticket-only event. And that means only 40 people are getting in the door. And it means that tickets, which go on sale early, could likely be sold out if you procrastinate and wait until the very last second to get them at the door. So here's the skinny: Lagunitas beer, brewery people on hand, paired food, 40 tickets. The event is Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 5:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale Saturday, Dec. 29 at high noon. Price is $45. Ready ... set ... go!

Front Door Northwest Pizza and Tap House, 105 S. Sixth St., 208-287-9201.

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