If they haven't already, psychologists should come up with a name for the specific, albeit illogical, rage triggered by a bad internet connection, a dearth of wi-fi or realizing you can't remember which service your new favorite show is on. Is it on Hulu? Amazon? HBO Now? Sling?? Netflix???

If you're a forgetful and/or cranky cable cutter, suck it up, because if you want to stream your own media—movies, shows, music and photos—there's one more service (sort of) you should add to what may already be a long list.

Plex Media Server software turns your home computer into a kind of media server, allowing you to stream content to any of your devices. You can stream offline, there's no storage limit, it organizes your media and both the interface and viewing/playback are user-friendly and visually pleasing. A basic Plex account is free and has plenty of features for the average streamer, or you can get a Plex Pass, which offers over-the-air recording, syncing, enhanced features and more, and only runs around $5 per month or $40 per year—not bad for something that might live up to expectations.


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