Plinking For Pinheads 

Idahoans looking to fire off a few rounds usually know that when they need to get in some target practice, the state is loaded with options. This is, arguably, one of the better things about the state. You need to make boom boom? Get in your car and drive till the road gets lousy and the signs of civilization disappear. Exit car, load up the hand cannon and you're off and firing.

But for the unidentified yahoos who drove up the Eighth Street extension road above town late last week, distance was apparently a problem. Maybe they were low on gas. Maybe time was of the essence. Maybe they wanted "realistic" targets. Those are the only possible explanations for why these morons pulled off at the upper trailhead for the Hulls Gulch hiking area and began firing into the canyon where hikers were strolling, albeit nervously. Various reports have come back that the guys were approached by some hikers, who were told by the shooters that they could do whatever they wanted. Any of you who have been told things by guys with loaded, smoking guns should know that, hey, for the time being, those guys pretty much have the corner on the market of authority. Wave your hiking staff all you want, but they outrank you in the law of the jungle.

City and police officials have no reports yet, and Boise City Parks and Recreation officials said wearily that this isn't an isolated incident. The BW True Crime Desk eagerly awaits any and all information leading to a better story. Just send your observations to

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