Po' Bois Food Truck Slings Southern-Style Eats 

And Fresh Betty Spaghetti rolls out pasta in Meridian

Fresh Bettys: Noodles made daily.

Stoltz Marketing Group

Fresh Bettys: Noodles made daily.

Southern transplants Devin and Rachel Frizzell unveiled their new solar-powered food truck, Po' Bois, June 15.

"Our main thing is po' boy sandwiches, which is pretty much a sub that originated in New Orleans. We're using a lot of local meats--pretty much as much local meats and produce as we can," said Devin.

The truck is currently sourcing from Vogel Farms, Snedeker's Fine Swine, Peaceful Belly and Idaho's Bounty. But finding the perfect local bread was more of a struggle.

"The po' boy sandwich is iconic for the bread in Louisiana and it's a very specific type of French bread, so honestly, I've been working on bread almost as long as I've been working on the truck," said Devin.

The couple decided to partner with Boise's Acme Bakery to craft its specialty loaves. Sandwich options include slow-roasted beef with debris gravy and corn-breaded shrimp with spicy remoulade. Po' Bois also offers Southern-inspired sides like beer cheese hush puppies and fresh-cut sweet potatoes with blue cheese.

Devin says the truck won't have a permanent home, but will be updating its location on Facebook and Twitter. You can get more info at facebook.com/poboisfoodtruck.

And in other grab-and-go grub news, Sean Pearce and his uncle Drew Pearce, former owners of three Gandolfo's Deli franchises, have opened a new concept at 1830 E. Fairview Ave. in Meridian called Fresh Betty Spaghetti.

"It's a really neat old service station theme with retro WWII graphics," said Tony Harrison, with Stoltz Marketing Group. "They bought a really fancy 500-pound noodle extruder and they make the noodles every day from scratch. They make the pasta sauce every day from scratch."

Fresh Betty's menu is limited: just spaghetti and sauce, which comes in either leaded (with meat) or unleaded (vegetarian) options. The joint also offers custom meatballs--beef, chicken or "traditional," with beef and pork--salads and meatball sandwiches.

"It's only takeout and delivery, no dine in. It's designed for harried parents who are tired of pizza or fast food," said Harrison.

Ultimately, the Pearces plan to expand the Fresh Betty concept.

"They're hoping to broaden this out to the Treasure Valley and add another three to four stores in the next several years and start franchising the concept, as well," said Harrison.

Fresh Betty Spaghetti is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. For more info, visit freshbetty.com.

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