Police: More Than 800 Customers Ripped Off at North Idaho Credit Card Skimmers 

Law enforcement in northern Idaho now say a credit card skimming operation, where thieves embed devices into gas pumps in order to steal credit card info, is worse than first feared. KHQ-TV reports at least 800 people have had their credit card information compromised. 

Slid into legitimate gas pumps or ATMS, the skimmers are difficult to detect but police say they began to find them inside gas pumps at a Post Falls gas station this fall. Surveillance photos confirmed suspects had been tampering with the pumps at the gas station. Federal law enforcement has now joined the case and KHQ-TV reports investigators believe the culprits have fled the area and no arrests have been made.
Meanwhile, Post Falls police say they're combing through the credit card statements of victims in an effort to see a pattern of the crooks' behavior.

Other area gas stations told police they've begun taking "more aggressive steps to protect their pumps," adding safety seals or locking mechanisms to their credit card devices.

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