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Might you prefer Trump Tonic or Hillary Hooch? Frankly, we prefer the soda with a blank label on which we can write in our own presidential choice because we are "sodas-gusted."

Connecticut-based Avery Soda, which began bottling when Teddy Roosevelt was in the White House (1904), is out with its annual presidential specialty sodas.

The tonic with the Trumpster's mug on the label is grape-flavored because the Donald, of course, "wants to make America grape again." Mrs. Clinton's Hooch is berry-flavored but Avery Soda said "the ingredients are classified."

Avery Soda will again be tracking sales between now and November, and its track record is pretty reliable. Barrack O'Berry outsold Cream de Mitt in 2012 and John McCream in 2008.

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