Boise Police are investigating a series of dog poisonings that hushed a South Boise neighborhood late last week. Four dogs have died so far from eating strychnine-laced dog treats or possibly napkins that were soaked in strychnine-laced meat. The victims include two Labrador Retrievers, a Rottweiler and a Husky, all of which were family pets.

Strychnine, which has been historically used in by state and federal government officials to "control" wild animal populations, takes approximately an hour to cause muscle seizures, distress, panting, mucus buildup and convulsions in a standard-sized dog. Strychnine poisoning has no known antidote. Officers are conducting extra patrols in the neighborhoods around the targeted homes.

On a possibly related note, on the morning of January 18, Boise Weekly was able to obtain a locally circulated flyer advertising a strychnine-laced product called the "Poison Dog Frisbee." The product, sold online by a right-wing commentary Web site called the Moynihan Institute, is advertised as "the best solution to your noise pollution dog yapping problem."

As of press time, Boise Police had not answered repeated calls about any new suspects or additional poisonings. Anyone with information on the case is urged to call Boise Police Dispatch or the Idaho Humane Society.

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