Chia Pet Meets Postcard with Postcarden 

Postcards are the old Facebook wall message. They're moderately public--any nosy postal worker can peek at your pal's wish-you-were-here's--and they're an inexpensive, low-commitment way to tell someone you're thinking about them. Still, there's something infinitely more swoony about opening up your mailbox to see a colorful, stamped postcard than opening your e-mail to find a new Facebook notification.

Now, imagine if you could smoosh together all the warm fuzzies of a hand-scrawled postcard with the mild entertainment value of a Chia Pet. That lovely little mash-up is called a Postcarden.

Made by Another Studio for Design, a company based in London, Postcarden are 3D, pop-up postcards that come with cress seeds and a waterproof tray. All you need is a splash of water to transform the card into a lush garden over the span of a few days. The postcards come in five different designs: allotment, botanical, city, football and Christmas.

The Christmas design is, perhaps, the most adorable and season-appropriate, featuring a starry, snow-covered mountain backdrop with a little log cabin and a few pop-up ice skaters surrounding the patch of green sprouts.

Postcarden keep for two to three weeks, which is much longer than any sentiment lasts on Facebook.

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