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Fries and fry sauces from Boise Fry Company.

Jenny Bowler

Fries and fry sauces from Boise Fry Company.

27. Get Sauced

Fry sauce—comprised of two parts mayonnaise and one part ketchup—is a staple in our state. But Boise Fry Company goes far beyond the ubiquitous dip, offering its customers more than 10 varieties of sauce to plunge their fries into.

This joint understands that fries are the perfect vehicle for fry sauce. BFC's homemade sauces include options like garlic aioli, blueberry ketchup, chipotle aioli and spicy ketchup, to name a few. They start with Sandpoint-based Lighthouse ketchup to create their colorful palette of dips. The recipes, though, are top secret. When each employee is hired at BFC, they're asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect the formula. Secrecy never tasted so good.

click to enlarge Sal-tot-dos from Grind Modern Burger. - KELSEY HAWES
  • Kelsey Hawes
  • Sal-tot-dos from Grind Modern Burger.

28. Snack on Sal-tot-dos

The Grind's Sal-tot-dos side dish takes both its name and its concept from Peru's lomo saltado. The Peruvian-Chinese, or chifa, stir-fry contains sliced beef, tomatoes and onions served with potatoes and rice. Ryan Hembree, Grind co-owner and executive chef, took the basic components of the dish and created something better suited to The Grind's vibe.

Hembree layers orange-glazed, deep-fried sweet potato tots with Peruvian-style shredded, braised beef ribs and julienned scallions, then he finishes the dish with a yellow pepper coulis. The dish's vibrant colors—citrusy orange, green and yellow—are matched by its layers of flavor: earthy sweet-potato and savory beef marinated in traditional Peruvian spices, complemented by crisp scallions and a tangy coulis.

Hembree said Grind's menu is adjusted seasonally, but he hopes to always keep a version of the Sal-tot-dos on the menu, which is good news, because the portion is easily enough for two.

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