Pound for Pound 

The dining habits of Boiseans by the numbers

• Pounds of potatoes Boise Fry Company fries in a week: 2,400

• Eggs The Egg Factory goes through in a week: 9,800

• Salmon cakes Goldy's Breakfast Bistro makes in a week: 30 salmon cakes (plus 100 salmon filets and salmon hash)

• Pounds of flour Zeppole Baking Company uses in a week: More than 6,000

• Kegs Sockeye Brewery produces in a year: 3,000

• Cords of firewood Flatbread Community Oven uses in a month: 3

• Jars of dipping sauce Gino's Italian Ristorante makes in a year: 400

• Pounds of compost created in a year by the worms in Red Feather Lounge's basement: 73,000

• Pounds of steak Chandlers Steakhouse sells every week: 700-800

• Chickens roasted in a week at Pollo Rey: 140-160

• Pounds of elk meat Cottonwood Grille uses in a week: 200

• People who have completed the Big Jud Challenge: 1,000 (20 have finished the Double Big Jud)

• Pizza slices Pie Hole sells in downtown Boise on a Saturday night: 1,100-1,200

• Pounds of clams Ben's Crow Inn sells in a week: 1,000

• Orders of chicken and waffles sold at Solid on a Friday night: 15-25

• Pounds of Hatch chiles The Green Chile uses each week: 100

• Number of tacos sold at Parrilla Grill on Thursday nights: 3,000

• Liters of booze Bardenay makes in a year: 18,000

• Types of fish used regularly at Shige: 24

• Flavors of ice cream made at Delsa's Ice Cream Parlour: 64 flavors (only 16 are available at a time)

• Weight of a stone molcajete bowl at El Gallo Giro Kuna: 4 pounds (6 pounds when full)

• Number of bagels Blue Sky Bagels sells every morning: 5,000-7,000

• Scoville points the ghost peppers at Superb Sushi score: 1 million

• Weight of Flora the tinfoil ball at Flying Pie Pizzaria: 475.5 pounds (8-feet, 1-inch around)

• Average wait for a weekend breakfast table at Goldy's Breakfast Bistro: One hour

• Croquettes Bar Gernika makes every day: 1,000

• Pounds of coffee Flying M Coffeehouse uses each day: 60

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