#PrayForBoston: In Aftermath of Marathon Blast, Thoughts and Prayers Sent to Beantown 

In the wake of the Boston Marathon explosions, many took to the internet to express their sympathy for the victims of the attack.

Just before 3 p.m. on Patriots' Day, two explosions detonated along the homestretch of the Boston Marathon.

Almost immediately following the bombings on Monday, photos, videos, and text messages streamed across phone, computer and television screens alerting the world to the unexpected horror that had just taken place.

Soon after that came an overwhelming wave of love and support from individuals, cities, and sports teams — and even an astronaut in space — all of whom rallied behind the common phrase: "#PrayForBoston"

Below is just a small collection of the tributes that were expressed in the wake of the explosions yesterday.

Here's to a better tomorrow:

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