GOP Presidential Hopeful Sen. Rand Paul Visits Boise 

click to enlarge Presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul speaking at Boise State University

Harrison Berry

Presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul speaking at Boise State University

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul spoke to Boise State University students at the Boise State Student Union Building Aug. 27 as part of his ongoing bid for the GOP nomination for president of the United States. His introduction came from Idaho Republican Rep. Raul Labrador, who told the audience Paul, along with a host of other so-called Tea Party Republicans, including Labrador, "went to Washington D.C. to change how Washington works."

"I know that Rand Paul did not go to Washington D.C. to be liked by the Washington establishment," Labrador said.

Paul summed up his policies as "minding your own business," but he spoke at length on a host of issues, including the Bill of Rights, the tax code and military. Here are the details:

click to enlarge - Left to right: Tom Swanstrum, Fred Swanstrum and Devon Downey -  - HARRISON BERRY
  • Harrison Berry
  • Left to right: Tom Swanstrum, Fred Swanstrum and Devon Downey
On the U.S. military and the Islamic State (ISIS):
"The great irony is, we'll go back and fight against our own weapons [if the U.S. military returns to the Middle East to combat the Islamic State]."

"It would be really sad to give up the Bill of Rights while [U.S. servicemen and women] were gone."

On the Second Amendment:
"If you don't think I believe in the Second Amendment, come to my house unannounced. ... I defend the Second Amendment, even in the face of terrible tragedy. You've got to defend the entire Bill of Rights."

On fellow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump:
"He's a guy who's been on the wrong side of every issue for the last 30 years."

"This isn't about blather from some reality TV star."

On why the Bill of Rights matters to everyone:
"You can be a minority for the color of your skin—or the shade of your ideology."

On reducing the size of the federal government:
"We ought to audit the Fed—but we ought to audit the Pentagon."

"I didn't go to Washington to shift around the tax burden. I want government to be smaller."

On the tax code:
"Let's scrap the whole damn thing and start over."

On what happens when Republicans and Democrats compromise:
"There's an unholy alliance in Washington. Republicans want to increase spending on the military. Democrats want to increase spending on social welfare. When they get together, everything goes up."
click to enlarge - Ada County Teenage Republicans President Tyler Ricks -  - HARRISON BERRY
  • Harrison Berry
  • Ada County Teenage Republicans President Tyler Ricks

After his stump speech, while Paul signed autographs and chatted with attendees, Tyler Ricks, president of the Ada County Teenage Republicans and student at Meridian High School, told Boise Weekly Paul spoke to the issues close to his heart.

"He talked about the Bill of Rights. It's something other Republicans have forgotten about," he said.

Other attendees, whether politically liberal or conservative, were satisfied with Paul's remarks. Tom Swanstrum said he has a son in the military and Paul's comments on that subject resonated with him. Fred Swanstrum, another of Tom's sons, said, "Privacy is huge for me. No other candidate addresses that the way [Paul] does."

Devon Downey, who described himself as more politically liberal than Tom and Fred Swanstrum, said while he doesn't agree with all of Paul's positions, "I've always agreed with what he says about privacy."

Paul speaks next at the Nampa Civic Center Aug. 27 at 2:45 p.m., and later this evening in Idaho Falls.
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