Preston Has a Napoleon Complex, Vol. 2 

A day after Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden filed charges against Preston's former mayor, Wasden's office announced former Preston police chief C. Scott Shaw has been sentenced for his own small-time thievery. Sixth District Judge--and like Shaw, a first-name abbreviator--N. Randy Smith sentenced Shaw to serve at least one year, and up to five years, in prison for misuse of public funds and perjury.

In September, Shaw admitted to accepting a check for $882 from the City of Preston--apparently the city hands out checks with the all the attention to detail of Napoleon Dynamite drawing a liger--to pay for his enrollment and per diem at an FBI Command College. However, Shaw did not attend the training, and he later lied under oath that he had kept the money in his desk to pay drug informants. In exchange for the guilty plea, Judge Smith dismissed five additional counts against Shaw alleging he had dishonestly obtained a warrant to search the home of Preston resident Bart Pitcher for drug paraphernalia. Pitcher was released and his family was ordered to be reimbursed by Shaw for their losses.

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