Preventative Maintenance Check List 

Here are a few basic terms you should know that don't require training to understand and might just double the lifespan of your car if you keep them in mind every time you drive.

Air Filter-inspect every two months and replace when dirty

Antifreeze-check weekly and add 50/50% solution when necessary

Battery-check with every oil change

Belts-check monthly for slack between pulleys

Brake Fluid-check monthly and top off if needed

Engine Oil-check the level often and change with oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles

Exhaust-have emissions checked yearly

Hoses-inspect monthly for softness or bulges

Lights-keep spare bulbs and fuses in vehicle

Oil Filter-replace with every oil change

Power Steering Fluid-check monthly and add approved type when needed

Shocks-replace when worn or leaking

Tires-check monthly and inflate to recommended pressure level (printed on the tire)

Transmission Fluid-check monthly with the engine running and keep full

Washer Fluid-check every other fill-up

Wiper Blades-replace yearly or when smearing or chattering occurs

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