Pride Etiquette 

Pride week is here and that means there will many people out and about this week celebrating LGBTQIA+ accomplishments. Here are a few thing to keep in mind:

1. Everyone who supports LGBTQIA+ rights is welcome. This is a space where celebrating with with our friends and supporters is welcome. It takes a village.

2. Pride is NOT a petting zoo. Yes, sparkly things are beautiful, and as much as you might want to run up and touch someone, do not do so without permission. Consent is a 24/7/365 thing.

3. Support local vendors. Supporting local businesses that support LGBTQIA+ rights helps give you peace of mind. I don't want you to lose sleep wondering if your hard-earned money has been shipped off to a hate company.

4. Don't assume. Do you see a couple that is made up of a man and a woman? Great. That doesn't mean that either one of them is heterosexual. Come to the event with an open mind and respect that all kinds of couples represent many different gender and sexuality combinations.

5. Wear sunscreen, or at least keep your skin's safety in mind. It can be easy to forget that when you are having fun. While red is in the rainbow, it looks better on the flag than it does as a blistering, painful sunburn.

6. Stay hydrated. A hydrated Pride is a happy Pride.

7. See something you think Pride could use help with? Volunteer! Sitting back and complaining while others work helps exactly no one.

Happy Pride 2018 everyone!

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