Primula Flavor It Infusion Pitcher 

Fab flavor

In the United States, our favorite new thing is marketed as the Flavor It Infusion Pitcher by Primula; to which we say, au contraire. We much prefer to call our latest summertime beverage dispenser pichet d'Infusion, as it is described on the flip side of its packaging.

But to either, we exclaim, c'est magnifique.

The concept is ridiculously simple; the patented technology is genius. The BPA, dishwasher-safe pitcher, which fits in the fridge door, has a circular "core" that twists into the center--that's the infuser. Fill the pitcher with water, and fill the core with anything that suits your fancy, like spices, herbs, fruit, vegetables. We've already tried several combinations: oranges and lemons, strawberries and blueberries, lemons and limes. If you covet that fancy cucumber water they serve in day spas, slice some cucumbers and drop them in the core. It's spectacular. Another favorite is sliced lemon and six fresh mint leaves. Tap water is great, but sparkling water is extra special.

Primula also sells two accessories: a stainless steel tea infuser for brewing loose tea or ground coffee, hot or cold; and a "chill core," which you fill with water and freeze, and it keeps beverages in the pitcher cool for several hours, even out on the patio.

The Flavor It Infusion Pitcher retails for $19.99 (includes the flavor infuser) and $29.99 for the 3-in-1 Beverage System, which includes the pitcher and all the accessories (favor infuser, tea infuser and chill core).

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