Promenade Festival 

Oct. 7-9

During summer, many of the words that end up in Noise News are about music festivals. Well, it's warm out and this is Noise News, so staying true to form, we've got more info on a brand-new music fest: The Promenade Music Festival, Oct. 7-9.

While there are still a few details to iron out, most of the programming is set and the bands have been booked. Following is the list of who you can expect to hear at Bittercreek, The Bouquet, Colorcube (which should be open by then, but if not, The Venue will host), The Egyptian Theatre, Knitting Factory, The Linen Building, Neurolux, Pengilly's, Reef, The Venue and Visual Arts Collective.

On Thursday, Oct. 7, The Bouquet, VAC, Neurolux, Knitting Factory, The Linen Building and Reef and one TBD venue host Kent Jensen, Sonia and Rojos Calientes, Spondee, The Very Most, Hosannas, Surfer Blood, The Drums, Bank, Paradise Fears, Man Without Wax, All Hands Go, Warner Drive, Broadway Calls and Mike Herrera (of MxPx), a Don't Sleep Boise show, Boise Rock School, Katy Marosok, Dawnya Clarine, Kelly Lynae, Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers, Rebecca Scott, The Fun Police, Oxcart, Marinade, Soul Serene and Sherpa.

On Friday, Oct. 8, The Bouquet, Neurolux, Linen Building, Pengilly's, VAC, Reef, a TBD venue and possibly Colorcube will have Go Engine Now, Project 4, Bridgeport, Wayne Hoskins Band, The Janks, Matt Dodge and the Lobsters, Paul Jacobsen, Le Fleur, La Knots, A Seasonal Disguise, Yarn Owl, The Drowning Men, Tartufi, Frog Eyes, Jonathan Warren, The Rayls, Lee Penn Sky, Andy Byron, Black Jack Moonshiners, Hillfolk Noir, New Transit, Courtesy Call, The Mission Orange, Public Jones, Stop Drop and Party, All Hands Go, Project Jupiter, Uncommon, Tom Taylor, Roaming Royalty, Bill Coffey, Audio Moonshine, Don't Sleep Boise, Your Friend Peter Giles, Matt Shockey, Apple Charm, Spondee and Music From Stanley musicians David Robert King, Piers Lamb, Low-fi and Nick Jaina.

The event wraps up on Saturday, Oct. 9, at The Bouquet, Neurolux, Knitting Factory, The Venue, Reef, Visual Arts Collective, Egyptian Theatre and Bittercreek with The Construct, The Aviation Orange, Mousy Brown, Stealth Foxx, System and Station, Education, Blacksmith, Aan, Sleepy Seeds, And And And, Monarques, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Finn Riggins, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, Don't Sleep Boise, Astronautalis, Shad, K-OS, Workin on Fire, 3rd to Last, Seven Feet Below, We Won the Science Fair, Bank, Michael Gross and the Statuettes, Man Without Wax, Stop Drop and Party, The McCleary Band, Neo Tundra Cowboy, Pat McDonald, Poke, Beargrass, Bellamy Rose, The Jacks, Chad Summervill, King Cotton, Finn Riggins, With Child, Fauxbois, Maladroids, Red Hands Black Feet, Spanish for 100, Alameda, ATTN, Housefire, Pravda, Craving Dawn, Righteous Vendetta, Malachi, Reid Perry, AKA Belle, Rebecca Scott, Steve Fulton, Thomas Paul, Marcus Eaton, Travis Ward, Rob Walker and Johnny Shoes.

Noise News will keep you updated.

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