Promenade Music Festival 

Sarah Sample at the Linen Building

This was the first time that Sarah Sample, performing with Paul Jacobsen, played in Boise but hopefully it will not be her last. Sample showed a great vocal range: she could almost whisper you to sleep, only to wake you up with a powerful burst of singing. Jacobsen added backup vocals and accentuated the rhythm and mood of the songs, as well as playing mandolin in a few songs and stomping his feet and slapping his thighs for percussion. At one point, Sample sang from the perspective of a bird--it pulled the audience into a seemingly lucid daydream, and we floated along with the song.

Boise Weekly had a chance to chat with Sample after her show.

Boise Weekly: I noticed your songs were very personal, what inspires them? Sarah Sample: When inspiration comes to mind, I write a song. I like to ask what the song wants. The songs come very open and honest.

You mentioned that you recently moved to Boise?
Yes, I just moved to Boise this summer from Seattle.

The video for "Calling Your Name," what is the story behind that?
On my album, there are many artists who play in various songs. We all came together for the video. That live recording was put on the album. "Calling Your Name" is a song of loneliness. I mention the need for a friend, a mother, a lover. It shows our need to have relationships.

If you were to pitch yourself, to attract listeners, what would you say?
My songs have the weight to carry themselves. I am a joyful singer. I would have to say to come for a heartfelt experience.

When did you start playing music?
My whole life I’ve been playing music, it has always been there. I got my first guitar when I was in sixth grade. I’ve always wanted to be a songwriter, ever since I was young.

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