Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty For Man Charged in Wylie Street Apartment Knife Attack 

In August, Timmy Kinner was indicted by a grand jury after a brutal June 30 knife attack at the Wylie Street Station Apartments that left 3-year-old girl, Ruya Kadir, dead. On Thursday, Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts announced she would pursue the death penalty against Kinner in the case:
"My office, including two senior deputy prosecutors, victim-witness coordinators, an investigator and staff are working closely with the Boise Police Department and their assigned detectives. After careful consideration, we have concluded that pursuing the death penalty is appropriate in this case. It is important that we preserve the integrity of the case and let the criminal justice process take its course to ensure Mr. Kinner is afforded due process and receives a fair trial."
click to enlarge - Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts has announced her office will pursue the death penalty against Timmy Kinner (pictured). -  - ASCO
  • ASCO
  • Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts has announced her office will pursue the death penalty against Timmy Kinner (pictured).
Kinner, 30, has been charged with numerous felonies, including first-degree murder for the killing of Kadir, eight counts of aggravated battery in the stabbings of eight other people, a count of burglary, and two counts of aggravated assault that were enhanced given Kinner's use of a deadly weapon.

Kinner is a convicted felon with records in Tennessee and Utah. The events of June 30 took place after he was asked to leave the apartment where he had briefly been allowed to stay. Public defenders representing Kinner say he has been committed to a state mental health facility for treatment.

Bennetts' office has been mulling pursuing the death penalty since early July.

The Wylie Street Apartments attack was immediately notorious in Boise and covered by national media, including The Washington Post. Three days after the attack, more than 1,000 people attended a vigil in front of Boise City Hall.

"This is the Boise that I know," said Boise Mayor Dave Bieter at the vigil. "One that comes together [in the face of tragedy]."
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