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Colbi Stone went with her gut and founded Boise Juice

Boise Juice offers several flavors that incorporate fresh apples, beets, kale, chia seeds and coconut water.

Laurie Pearman

Boise Juice offers several flavors that incorporate fresh apples, beets, kale, chia seeds and coconut water.

The impetus for Boise Juice began in Colbi Stone's stomach. The 29-year-old Boise native was diagnosed three years ago with gastroparesis, meaning her stomach muscles stopped working properly to move the food she ate through her digestive system. Instead, meals would sit in her stomach for hours, leaving her fatigued, in pain and ultimately malnourished.

"I just kept getting sicker and sicker," Stone said. "Those were some very dark years."

She bought a cold-press juicer and started making her own concoctions, which she said helped her gain back strength, energy and health.

"The juice was allowing me to get all those vital nutrients that I'd been missing for more than a year," she said. "I recovered and I was able to get off medications. It was like a second chance at life."

She took that second chance and founded Boise Juice with her mom. Mother and daughter spent hours washing, chopping and juicing fruits and vegetables from organic farms around the valley and sold their product at the Capitol City Market for the first time in August.

The juice was a hit. Six months later, the 16-ounce bottles are now available at Wild Root Cafe and Market, Guru Donuts, Big City Coffee and the Glo Boise spa, as well as for home delivery. Bottles sell for around $8.

Stone now has her sights set on the Boise Co-op and Whole Foods. She upgraded to a $25,000 cold-press juicer, in which she loads 25 pounds worth of fruits and vegetables at a time. She pushes them through a grinder spinning at about 60 miles per hour, then the pulp is pressed with more than 2,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure. She adds no heat, sugar, chemicals or water.

Stone and her employees produce 200 bottles per week. Their flavors include The Holy Kale, City of Greens, TropiKALE, Turn Up the Beet, Nice Melons!, Pineapple Chia, Electrolyte and Good Hydrations.

The City of Greens features cucumber, fennel, green apple, kale, spinach and ginger, while the Pineapple Chia uses pineapple, pear and chia seeds. The Good Hydrations summer seasonal includes watermelon, coconut water, basil, lime and Himalayan sea salt.

Stone said she's also working on a new drink with almond milk and chai flavors. Her budding company also offers one-, three- and six-day cleanses (drinking six juices per day and eating nothing during the cleanse), which "detoxify and reboot the system."

Stone said she couldn't believe the number of orders that came in after New Year's. She held up an entire delivery day because they ran out of bottles.

"We also had a weekend recovery pack that we offered in the summer that did really well, for people who drank too much over the weekend," Stone said. "We offer an immunity pack for cold and flu season."

Now, Stone is going to school to get a master's degree in nutrition. Ultimately, her illness changed the course of her life.

"The company kicked off from there. I wanted to help other people with similar digestive disorders," she said. "It's had such a huge and positive response. It took us by surprise."

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