Rascally Democrats 

Apparently, former President Bill Clinton thinks Idaho Democrats are as elusive as Bigfoot.

According to a story published in The New York Times, Clinton was savoring the laughs and applause he got during a recent speech in support of his wife's presidential campaign when he suggested that one of the first things she would do if elected would be to "bag No Child Left Behind."

Relishing the moment, Clinton said, "You can drop me in the middle of Idaho where there's not a Democrat in 200 miles and an elk would applaud me on that."

BW is still waiting for word on relative numbers of Idaho Democrats to resident elk (which brings up its own questions: wild elk or farmed elk? Would that be like comparing urban Democrats to rural Democrats?)

Either way, Chuck Oxley, spokesman for the Idaho Democratic Party, has a challenge for the former president.

"The Idaho Democratic Party would be thrilled to have Bill Clinton come and visit us and see if he can match the 14,000 people that came out to see Barack Obama," Oxley said.

Clinton's comment comes amid what the state Democratic Party is calling a resurgence of interest. Many in the party are hopeful events like Obama's Feb. 2 rally and the subsequent Democratic Caucus could signal big gains in political offices.

Obama's rally set several records for Idaho political events. The Illinois senator is favored by many Idaho Democrats over Clinton.

"At least around Taco Bell Arena, I'm certain that Democrats outnumber elk," Oxley said.

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