Raven's Puppy Benefit Rock Show: 10 Bands for 10 Bucks 

Saturday, Dec. 15, Woodland Empire Ale Craft

This week in Boise, 10 local bands are coming together to help a friend in need afford the best Christmas present ever: a certified assistance dog. A local band promoter named Raven, who's a little person, has been on the hunt for a trained pup to help with her health, safety and independence, and the local music community is throwing Raven's Puppy Benefit Rock Show to make it happen. The event will feature 10 bands—With Panda and Rabbit, Satyr Co., Jerkwadz, Nonfiction, DJ Bones, Meridian Movement, A Mighty Band of Microbes, Yellow Endeavor, Illicit Nature, Splattered Throat, and Zemon Lemon—and the proceeds will go toward training a German shepard puppy. Go for the music, the accompanying art show, the beer or just to be a good human being.


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