RAW Artists Raid Powerhouse 

Thursday, Feb. 21

Jewelry by Kimberly Cochrane of Madonna Enchanted will be in vogue at RAW.


Jewelry by Kimberly Cochrane of Madonna Enchanted will be in vogue at RAW.

The mixed-media maestros at RAW Artists are at it again, this time overturning every rock and looking around every corner for all things worthy of discovery—which is fortunate, since discovery is the theme for the monthly showcase's latest exhibition.

RAW's first event of 2013 goes down Thursday, Feb. 21, at the Powerhouse Event Center. There, the public is invited to take in music, crafts and art. The whole shebang will be narrated by emcee Dylan Haas.

Whatever happens at RAW happens in style. Photographer Lady Luck's pinup-style photos evoke the sexy starlets of the golden age of cinema, and makeup artists and hair stylists—including Amber Nicole Levizon, Jessica Lee Travis and Mindi Burt—break the fashion out of the frame and onto the catwalk. Add some jewelry pieces by Lemon Meringue and Madonna Enchanted's Kimberly Cochrane to the models and you have yourself a fashion show.

And RAW's no slacker when it comes to the visual arts, either. Jordan Schwartz will show off her paper-cutting masterpieces styled in the vein of Van Gogh's "Starry Night," and Boise's own State Capitol Building. She cuts black cardstock with an X-acto knife and sets it against a white background to show off the nuances of each form.

The event also features mixed-media paintings by Elizabeth Hilton, who uses oils, crayons and vintage wallpaper to create colorful portraits.

Musical entertainment comes straight from acoustic sources Shari Olivieri and Casey Ryan and 18-year-old ukulele and guitar player Addam. Essencia Bohemia will jam Latin-American fusion.

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