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Packing everything in when the weather is nice

When Bob Greenwood told BW a few months ago that the beauty of living in Boise is a round of golf after a morning on the ski hill, he didn't say anything we didn't already know. He simply confirmed the vainest of our athletic suspicions. Boise is the best place to live for the multi-faceted athlete. Even more, spring is the best time for all types of sports when you're living the good life here.

Greenwood barely scratched the surface with his couple of hours of skiing followed by nine holes of golf. With Bogus 30 minutes up the hill, golf courses at every corner of the compass, spring-green foothills, the vast pastures of local parks and a river running through it all, you ought to be able to pack a lot more than just skiing and golf into a 12-hour day.

Why not go all the way and make it two hours of skiing, two of golf, two kayaking, two mountain biking and finish it all off with beers and disc golf? That would be 12 hours of recreational bliss in or near our secret sport haven.

"Why," you might ask, "would I want to do all of this in one day?" You should be asking, "Why not?"

Katherine Rolley, like many of us, works a 40-hour week but packs up and heads out on the weekends.

"I'm a weekend warrior," said Rolley. "I look at it as making up lost time from the [crappy] week."

A Jill-of-all-trades, Rolley loved the idea of doing everything in 12 hours, exclaiming that she would definitely do it. She's got all the sport gear, an equally sporty Subaru Outback, and since she works as a barista during the week, she has access to the caffeine necessary to take on this multi-sport marathon.

"If I had Cliff bars, caffeine and H2O," said Rolley, "I'm serious. I could, especially if I was with other crazies."

The key to a dozen hours of fun is preparation, including an appropriately large recreation vehicle loaded the night before with skis, golf clubs, a kayak, a mountain bike, Frisbees, beer and all the right clothing. Included in the preparation should be a good night's sleep.

Start at Bogus. Let's suppose your half-day athletic marathon starts at 8 a.m. The days are growing longer and once spring stops flirting and actually decides to settle in Boise, it will be warm in the evenings and 8 p.m. won't seem too late to be out and about. If the slopes open at 9 a.m. on the weekends, sticking with Greenwood's game plan is good thinking. Two hours of ski turns early in the day, with a well-rested body on freshly groomed runs in the mountain air and sunshine will set the tone for the rest of the marathon.

"Starting at Bogus would be perfect," said Rolley. "Head down from the mountain and back into the warmer weather for more fun."

By 11 a.m., do as Rolley says and head to the golf course for nine holes. But, which golf course? There are nine golf courses within 21 miles of the center of Boise. However, if the next stop is kayaking in the Boise River, for the sake of staying on schedule, go with Warm Springs Golf Course, which is close to the river and just up the way from the chosen kayaking play spot.

Here the question becomes: How long does it take to golf nine holes? Survey says: All variables considered, average is two hours. Most people take too long over each shot anyway and would enjoy it more if they just got up there and hit it. Rolley takes the right attitude when it comes to golfing.

"I love driving [golf balls]. I've played a couple of games with my dad," said Rolley.

That's right. Don't take it too seriously and you won't be in any danger of going over time. Anything over two hours becomes a test of patience and stamina for most. Our day isn't about patience, but it is definitely about stamina, albeit through six sports, not one. Get up and swing. Who knows, it may your best game yet.

Around 2 p.m., when the nine holes are done, it's to the river to do a little spinning, splatting, cartwheeling and wavewheeling. The typical problem with working kayaking into a 12-hour marathon of recreation would be the usual ordeal of driving two vehicles downriver, leaving one there, driving the kayaks back upriver, putting in, play time, loading everything back up and driving back upriver for the other vehicle. The prep time is often more than the actual play time, which is no good when you're packing it into a limited schedule.

Find the Warm Springs weir, just downstream from Warm Springs Golf Course and, snap fingers here, shuttling problem is solved. Two hours in the water doing wheelies and we're three sports down, two to go.

Next it's into the Foothills for a seven-mile huff on your mountain bike. It's 5 p.m. and Lower Curlew Ridge Loop is in the lower Boise Foothills, east of downtown. It's 7.1 miles, just long enough to get on it, ride it and get off it in time to head over to Julia Davis for disc golf.

Lower Curlew is a diverse and scenic ride that starts and ends with a fun ride through Rocky Canyon on the pavement. The ride itself is sometimes kindly, sometimes painstaking and singletrack all the way. It may not be the best of trails in the hills, but it serves our purposes for getting it done during 12 hours.

"I'd love to do Frisbee golf at the end, because I can have a beer," said Rolley. "I'm not really much of a Frisbee golfer, but after four other sports, like it would really matter."

Our thoughts exactly. Best to end the day with something laid back. Of course, your tomahawk and helix throws won't be so hot if you're pounding down the Pabst, but after a full day of recreation, does anyone care if you're the hottest golfer on the course? We know there are plenty of people who take their disc golf quite seriously, and if you were able to execute peak playing performance even after 10 hours of non-stop sporting ... well, someone is going to get a gold star.

Julia Davis has a nice, nine-hole course and, as the day ends and the sun sets on the 12 hour run of recreation, savor a beer and the sense that not only were you physically able to complete this athletic exploit, you have chosen to live in a city where it's all possible.

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